Our Founder

See who is behind HWY 102 Soap Emporium, and why we are so successful.

Our Business

Hwy 102 soap Emporium began in November, 2013, out of necessity. At that time, a good friend of mine and I discovered that there just wasn’t very many soaps and lotions on the market for our children with sensitive skin. After some research, we stumbled upon a goat’s milk recipe that changed the way that we viewed soap and lotion. Thus, Hwy 102 Soap Emporium was born. We started with just the soap and lotion, but have expanded into other products such as:
· Bath Bombs
· Bath Salts
· Bath melts
· Lip Balms
Hwy 102 is not just a business, it’s a labor of love! My whole family, from my three-year-old all the way up to my eighty-five year old grandmother, are actively involved in the making of our products!
At Hwy 102 we are always on the lookout to expand our products and welcome new ideas. We are very passionate about all of our products and we love our business. Most of all, we love being able to share our all natural, handmade products, from our family to yours.

Strengthen Utah’s Economy

We are honored to be part of the Utah's Own program

Invest in Your Community: local businesses are owned by the people who live and love Utah – they are your neighbors, friends and family. Ensure a better future for them and for your community by investing in local products and businesses.

Vote with Your Dollar: a dollar spent on a Utah product, can produce $2 to $6 of additional economic activity within the local economy.

Create More Jobs: as you buy local products, you help a small business expand and hire more people. A study conducted by Utah’s Own showed that expanding local food businesses average about 4-new-hires per year.

About The Hatton's

Get to know the people that provide the main ingredient for our products.

We are the Hatton’s, and we live on a small farm in northern Utah. We enjoy growing our own produce, and raising animals for companionship as well as their resources.  We began raising goats three years ago. We started our herd with one little Nubian yearling and soon realized how much we loved having her around.   It didn’t take us long to grow our herd to the fifteen goats we now have. Our goats are all very kind and loving which makes milking them even more enjoyable!


Oh yes, we are that good!

“I love the goats milk lotion!!!! It’s the only product I’ve used that will keep my hands soft. I got the apple scent and am in heaven! I wish I would’ve bought more to keep on hand for birthday gifts!!!! Keep up the awesome work!”…

Avery from UT

“Of all the locally made soaps I have tried, yours is the best”… 

Russell from UT

“Got my soap in today!!! Went straight into the bathroom and tested it out. I loved it!! The scent I got was awesome… not overpowering and not too light. It was just right. After only washing with it once my hands feel smoother and softer!!!! Hats off to you ladies!! Excellent product!! You better be ready yo make LOTS of soap!”…

Odie from AK